Always Judge a Book by its Cover

Some books win awards, some win our heart, and others... only serve to confuse.

Fifty shades of chicken

Tis the season for some cheeky chook

If getting hot (and I mean hot) in the kitchen is something you enjoy then this book is going to be right up your alley, soon you’ll be wowing your mother and grandmother with your groovy techniques and quality cuts, with recipes ranging from the tantalizing dripping thighs all the way along the spectrum, covering things like mustard spanked chook.

If you’re not the cooking type, but rather the hide-away-in-a-nook reader, then this book may still get your appetite whet for that big meal with its beautiful fanfiction-esque descriptions, and in your mind you’ll be swept off your feet into an unimaginably blissful daydream, eventually waking to the warm drool upon your shoulder.

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