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How to poo on a date

Finally, someone is answering the questions we’ve all had on our lips from the age of 14.

When it comes to dating there are endless resources, literally, endless. Enough that you could read from the age of 10 until the age of 99 and still have more to read. Interestingly though, very few websites, blogs, libraries, or archives dig into the taboo subject of pooping on dates.

Without giving too much away, you’ll learn a vast array of tools to help you in those awkward situations. From the slightly too long “just going to freshen up” to the “oh, the line is really big, sorry” text message sent as you’re sitting on the John.

Really though, knowing when and how to get away when you need to “get away” is an incredibly useful skill, and will remain useful as long as you’re a human who needs to poop.

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