Always Judge a Book by its Cover

Some books win awards, some win our heart, and others... only serve to confuse.

Florida Man Coloring Book

Florida Man, the life-inspired meme, or meme-inspired life?

Fun fact about “Florida Man”, the news headlines in reality are born from the freedom of information laws in California, whereby news are able to find out more about the commiters of certain crimes (such as Man/Woman), hence they can report the zany headlines we have all come to love and/or hate.

Now, while some may dislike the meme, we can all appreciate the coloring book, and not much in this world will give you the free-flying feeling of coloring in the teeth of “Florida Man Bites Boat Captain”, outside of doing the act yourself. Are they White teeth? A little Yellow? Eh, you could probably remove a couple if you want… that’s the power of coloring, bringing the scene to life in your own mind and then into life!

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