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People of Walmart Coloring Book

Break out your deepest red white and blues for the people of Walmart.

If you’ve been following always judge a book by its cover you’ll know that I’m an absolute sucker for mediocrity, and what is more dull and boring than the life and times of people in Walmart. But then again when you stare deeply into the void perhaps the life and times of people in Walmart are the perfect topic for a coloring book.

If we do away with beautiful natural curves and shapes, do away with the zen patterns that coloring books so often adapt, and focus on the crooked shelves and slobby casual wear that is America today you’ll find yourself within a coloring book like no other, as well as finding plenty of spots for your greys, tans, grimy greens and yellows as well as your reds, whites, and blues.

While I don’t suspect you’ll be able to find this book at Walmart, you can still grab a copy and take it down to your local and soak in the vibes as you color.

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